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NOTE: Due to some severe political differences between the owners of The Generator and their choice to use their coffeehouse to publicize these views, I will no longer support The Generator with my presence or my purchases.

In the wake of A-Kon, many Steampunks from the area are attempting to organize and actually make Steampunk in DFW something worth mentioning. I’ve been watching the plans of a couple of different groups to meet develop with marked interest.

Interestingly enough, two of these groups independently decided that they were going to meet at The Generator, a coffee shop in Garland, TX.

For those of you who know nothing about Garland, let me tell you… I wouldn’t call it Steampunk capitol of the world. The fact that there is a Steampunk Coffee shop in Garland, but not Dallas, blows my mind. And at first, when people were telling me about this place, I was kind of skeptical. I mean, it’s not like I often think, “Man, I’m bored, I should go hang out in Garland!”

But apparently Garland did some growing up while I wasn’t looking. The Generator really is an independently owned Steampunk themed coffee shop, and it sells organic Fair Trade coffee. That’s very two very positive points as far as I’m concerned. Nothing makes a cup of coffee more enjoyable than knowing that it was ethically produced. They also have a decent schedule of events that the community can attend and display the artwork of local artists.

All of these aspects are making me very excited for the Steampunk meet-ups planned at it’s locale. One does have a solid date, July 17th at 3 PM. You can read  the thread to get this group organized here on Brass Goggles.

The Generator is open from 7 to 11PM Monday through Saturday.

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  1. Larry Amyett says:

    Tina and I are going to try to be at the Garland meeting. We have a wedding to attend that starts about an hour before so we’ll be late but we hope to at least make there to say hi to everyone.

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