USB Typewriter

I’ve highlighted a lot of Steampunk computers and keyboards in the months that I’ve been working on this blog. Computers play an incredibly important role in the Steampunk community. There’s no single tool that so simply and instantaneously connects us to each other. And, if you have the ability, funds, and the workspace there’s no better tool to Steampunk than the computer.

I’ve seen a lot of mods in my time, but this one just blew me away.

That’s a modified typewriter plugged into an iPad and functions just like today’s modern keyboard. Why mod a modern keyboard (ergonomics, portability, and num-pads aside… trifles!) when you can plug and actual typewriter into your computer?

USB Typewriter is run by Jack Zylkin over at Etsy (where else?). There you can buy fully refurbished typewriters to suit your computing needs, or in the true spirit of Steampunk, Do it Yourself kits to make your own USB typewriter. I like that someone has found a use for all those antique typewriters we have sitting about that hardly anyone knows how to repair anymore. Perhaps this will (relatively) preserve some of the antique typewriters and prevent their keys being pried off and employed for Steampunk keyboard mods!