What’s With Steampunk?

In what has (apparently) become something of a series on Steampunk culture, I decided to offer up for your viewing a pleasure an article I found particularly interesting. It’s called What’s With Steampunk by Gary Moskowitz.

I always find outsider opinions of Steampunk fascinating. Even the inane one’s can offer something for us to think about, if just to illuminate the inability of people to understand subcultures. This article, however, is a respectable overview of Steampunk from the outside. It explores our roots and the recent boom in Steampunk as it becomes familiar to a growing audience.

What’s With Steampunk is all about trying to make sense of Steampunk. Where did it come from? Why is it so ridiculously popular right now? Will it ever become mainstream?

I think Mr. Moskowitz has some interesting observations and answers that are worth your attention to read for yourself. I particularly enjoyed its conclusions:

“Steampunk is not just a look, but an embrace of a nearly mythical era of mad science and weird contraptions at a time when most people rarely use their hands to make or discover anything.”