Sinister Simians

Sometimes, it’s good to get away from the latest project and just do something simple. For some people, that means watching TV. For me, it means putting in some quality time to my favorite MMO.

For those of you with a flair for the visual arts, however, I found a wonderful resource for you that is more than acceptably Steampunk… it’s downright awesome.

This is a coloring book by Chet Philips which features a collection of Steampunk monkeys and apes from the Steampunk Monkey Nation and Society of Sinister Simians. There are 24 prints awaiting your brilliant colorification. Or perhaps this could be a gift for a young Steampunk in training… no harm in teaching them the subculture early! Mwahaha….

My preferred time to color is on plane flights. I had a wonderful pirates coloring book that I toted with me for one of my semesters abroad while I was hoping around western Europe. There was something about coloring that soothed the general annoyance of modern day plane travel.

You can find the Steampunk monkeys section of the ChetArt store on Etsy by clicking here. In addition to the Steampunk monkeys series I have linked you to, he seems to have all sorts of prints of varying themes. And, for my DFW readers, you’ll be happy to know that Chet is another local artist!

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  1. Larry Amyett says:

    That’s sooooo cool.

  2. […] Earlier in the year, I had the great pleasure of introducing you to a local Steampunk artist, Chet Phillips and his Sinister Simians line. I really liked the coloring book and prints he offered of his Steampunked primates. […]

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