SteamCon T-Shirt Contest

Calling all visual artists! SteamCon II is looking for an artist of impeccable talent and taste to design this year’s convention t-shirt. Here’s the low down on this contest taken from their Live Journal community:

Who is eligible: Anyone who wishes to submit a t-shirt design.
Deadline: Submissions must be emailed to by September 1st.
Design specs: Full color, Size: anywhere from 8″ x 8″ up to 8.5″ x 11″. Initial submissions should be jpegs of 100 DPI. The final art will need to be Photoshop files with the layers or bitmaps or tiff or comparable; at 300 DPI. We will request those of the winner after judging takes place. The shirt should say “Steamcon II” in roman numerals and a serif font. Any other text is optional, but it can have the date and “Weird, Weird West” as well. Designs will be printed on a dark colored t-shirt either black or dark brown, so take this in to account when designing.
Reward: A membership to Steamcon 2, a pair of concert tickets for the Saturday concert at Steamcon II, two free t-shirts and your name on the chests of steampunks everywhere! (If contest winner is unable to attend Steamcon 2, all rewards can be transferred to Steamcon 3 or they may receive current equivalent monetary compensation.)

If you have any questions, email

A membership and a pair of tickets to the Saturday night concert (which, for all of you who haven’t been on this SteamCon site, happens to be Abney Park)?!

*shakes fist* Why can’t I draw!?

While I already have  my membership in tow, I certianly wouldn’t complain about having tickets to the Abney Park concert before they go on sale to anyone else.  No, I don’t anticipate I would have a problem with that at all. So, for all you artists out there, go ahead and submit a design for their consideration. Best of luck!

And just so that you all know, I was halfway through a Microsoft paint project to show you all just how bad my t-shirt design would be, before I decided to spare you all the horror and me the humiliation. It involved a stick figure cowboy with a swollen gland on the side of his face very reminiscent of John McCain, and a terrible attempt at gear, that ended up looking more like a sun. So, yeah.