How Steampunk Took Over the World

Today is Embrace Your Geekness Day, and to celebrate, I’m presenting to you an article on the crossroads between Geek and Steampunk, rather than busting out the three day old Teslatinis.

Another interesting outsider article on Steampunk has surfaced, on Geek Life, a website dedicated to the Geek culture and lifestyle. The article, entitled How Steampunk Took Over the World, talks specifically about Steampunk’s emergence into Geek culture. I think this is a really important aspect of the growing popularity of Steampunk. Most of the people that I know who are Steampunks would also easily identify themselves as being Geek as well.

I always find it interesting to read about how people relate to and rationalize Steampunk, and I think this article does a good job of trying to explain it. I am curious, though, how many of you Steampunks out there would also identify yourself as Geek. I’m under the impression that it is a good number of the Steampunk population. I certainly am.