The Chap Olympiad

There’s an event taking place this weekend that makes me sincerely wish I were in the place of my coworker who is currently vacationing in London. This weekend, Saturday the 17th from 12 PM to 11PM at Bedford Square, Bloomsbury, London, is the fifth annual running of The Chap Olympiad, and event that celebrates “athletic ineptitude and immaculate trouser creases.”

You can expect all sorts of thrilling displays of gentlemanly skills at this year’s Olympiad, such as:

Martini Knockout Relay: Teams of four must mix a perfect dry martini (without the aid of a butler) over a gruelling ten-yard course, before having it judged by a connoisseur

Cucumber Sandwich Discus: Individuals must hurl a cucumber sandwich on a china plate as far as possible, with points deducted for getting mud in the sandwich

Moustache Wrestling: The bearded versus the moustachioed, the object of this event is to pluck a single hair from one’s opponent’s facial plumage

Umbrella Jousting: In the medieval tradition, chaps on bicycles approach each other along a boundary and use their brollies to knock each other off. Bowler hats are their only protection

Bounders: A chap must say something so caddish to a lady that he receives a slap. The cad with the reddest face, but the wryest smile, is the winner

And during the lull between these spectacular events, one can enjoy such entertainment as drinking, dancing and general merriment. Throughout the day, there will be live music from big bands, quartets, piano players and cabaret singers.

The Chap Olympiad is hosted by The Chap Magazine – a monthly journal celebrating tweeds, hat doffing, Martini’s and all things gentlemanly – and Bourne and Hollingsworth – the group behind Prohibition and The Blitz Party. You can purchase tickets here, and join the Facebook group here.

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  1. Larry Amyett says:

    That really looks like fun!

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