The Well Stocked Steampunk Bar

When I was writing the post for my sortie to celebrate all things Tesla last week, I discovered a troubling lack of cocktails with a particular Steampunk flair. Indeed, digging up some Tesla inspired drinks was quite the challenge, though I am quite pleased with the end result.

The lack of Steampunk themed cocktails got me wondering what it was that Steampunks drink at a party. Sure there are givens like wines, beers, rum, absinthe and tea, but what else? That can’t be the end of the beverage list. We need something a bit more.

To that end, I would like to bring your attention to a webpage called The Well Stocked Steampunk Bar. This page, which began as a thread on Brass Goggles and was expounded upon by the Steampunk community there, has a plethora of drinks suitable for your next Steampunk get together. It is especially helpful because it is broken down in to three categories to guide one’s purchasing to fit the hosted event:

  • Critical items, without which you should be be hesitant to entertain
  • Secondary items, that are a plus.
  • Premium items, that are wonderful but expensive and/or difficult to come by and may be best for small gatherings of intimate friends.

As noted in the page, the categorization of different beers, wines, and spirits has a distinctly North American slant, so those in different parts of the world will likely differ in the classification of certain drinks.