Who can forget the classic Mr. Potato Head, a staple of American childrens’ toy chests since its beginning distribution in 1952. We all know what he looks like:

Iconic, yes, but hardly Steampunk. For those kiddos you are attempting to steep in Steampunk from a young age, the original Mr. Potato Head is not really one to inspire clockwork driven thoughts. We need to mod this tuber…


Allow me to introduce Spudnik, an incredible mod by saritamarianyc of Flickr. You can check out the Spudnik photostream here. Steampunk Makers will be particularly interested in  the Process folder to see photos of the production of Spudnik. Saritamarianyc, also know as Sarah Calvillo, has her own website, Among Mad People to check out more of her work. Although she is not a singularly Steampunk artist, it is clear she has a lot of talent. If you ask me, I think she should do Steampunk more often!

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  1. Larry Amyett says:

    That’s too funny and cute. 🙂

  2. […] modification in all my days of blogging, like the Steampunk Star Wars action figures by Sillof or Spudnik by Saritamarianyc. There seems to be near limitless opportunity for creating awesome looking […]

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