To The Apocalypse In Daddy’s Side Car

I recently got an update via the Abney Park newsletter that previewed the lyrics for one of the new songs on their new album and the story behind it. Captain Robert has been undertaking a the modification of a 1936 Chan Jaing Motocycle. You can see it in its unmodified state here.

And when a camp counselor asked Captain Robert’s daughter where she would go if she had a time machine, she responded, “To The Apocalypse In Daddy’s Side Car!” And because this is the most epic answer ever, fans have demanded that it be turned into a song on Abney Park’s next album.

And so, here are the lyrics for To The Apocalypse In Daddy’s Side Car as written by the good Captain Robert:

We’ve got 3 wheels and a frame of rust
Blue sky above, and behind us dust.
Half tank of gas won’t carry us far,
But your safe tell apocalypse in Daddies side-car.

Got Shot gun shells and 12 cans of beans,
And a old stuffed doll coming’part at her seams.
Your little lace dress you’ve worn too far.
As you watch the appocolyse from daddies side-car.

That life we once had held us far too confined
We’ve left job and school far far behind.
You chew your gum as I chew my cigar,
As you ride the appocolspye in daddies side-car.

We swam the whole day In Oasis’s pool
And the shade beneath palms became our home-school.
We danced past bed time at a desert bazaar,
Now you nod your head In Daddies side-car.

Hooray! I can’t wait for their next album, but I must admit, I’m still in love with Aether Shanties and all its glory.

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