Advertising at SteamCon II

Attention all owners of Steampunk merchants, organizers, and artists! The programming paper for SteamCon II is accepting applications to place ads in their paper. Whether you are going to be at the convention or not, this is an excellent opportunity to inform a large Steampunk community about your business, band, website, or any other group that would excite Steampunks.

Pricing for these adds are quite reasonable, and likely to be worth your investment. I know I’ll be pouring over the advertisements there to find new people and undertakings to feature here at Trial By Steam.

For more information about the Program Book, please click here. For the application itself, please click here. The deadline to submit your advertisement for inclusion in SteamCon II’s program paper is August 31, 2010. You can submit your ad request to with the subject: “Steamcon Program Ad” and your business/organization name.