Villains Tavern

A new tavern opened over the weekend in Los Angeles that is attracting the attention of the national Steampunk community, the Villains Tavern.

The Tavern is a restored building and uses many upcycled and recycled structures and itemage to achieve its distinctly Steampunk look. Reviews are starting to pour in and so far they all remark favorably upon the  Tavern’s drinks and decor. Personally, I hope that they embrace their Steampunk roots and welcome the local Steampunk community. I didn’t see any Steampunks in attendance in the photos of this article, but hopefully this will change as word of the taven’s opening spreads.

Unfortunately, the Villains Tavern website is not yet up, but you can find the link here to save for a later date when the site goes live. I will definitely be passing it on to a friend of mine that lives out in LA so that he can give me a full and first hand scoop on the new establishment.