Rock ‘n Roll Bride – Steampunk

We’re right in the middle of wedding season, and for all those brides to be, putting on a wedding can be a daunting and stressful task. And for the Steampunk lady about to be married, there is the added complexity of trying to through your celebration your way. Few wedding consultants are knowledgeable enough about Steampunk to actually pull it off.

And you know what, that’s just fine. A wedding shouldn’t be about what a consultant knows or what the wedding industry tells you is the “right way” to get married. Your wedding is yours and yours alone.

And because I have a few friends who have been recently married or in the process of formalizing their engagement into a marriage, I thought it would be nice to dig up some resources for them on how they could go about incorporating Steampunk into their wedding.

To this end, I’d like to bring your attention to Rock ‘n Roll Bride, a website that, “promotes individuality and general awesomeness in a cookie cutter, pastel pink, poufy dressed wedding world.”

While the whole website is rather interesting, it has a section complete dedicated to Steampunk weddings that are worth a glance for anyone planning a Steampunk wedding or other high-to-do party with a steamy flair. There are tons of photos that are sure to inspire the bride to be from people who have taken control of their weddings and presented it in an exceptional Steampunk extravagance.

So, you’re planning a wedding and a Steampunk, be bold. Break from tradition and make your wedding day yours!