Wormtooth Nation

The weekend is just on the horizon and to celebrate, I have a Steampunk web series that was later combined into a feature film, Wormtooth Nation. The film is about a young man who wakes up in a subterranean city not knowing who he is or how he got there. The residents of the city are on a quest to find the surface, but they keep losing their memories.  Here a trailer:

Wormtooth Nation is based loosely off of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. In the FAQ, they explain that Geoff and Cullen were both in a production of the play and thought, “Hey, this is a cool story! What if we were to make this story, only it’s not like this story at all?”

This production has been nominated for for numerous awards, and it’s really quite amazing for a student production. I’m expecting to see many great things out of Cullen and Geoff in the future.

If you happened to enjoy Wormtooth Nation, you can buy it on DVD here. You’ll be happy to know that should the production team make any money off of Wormtooth Nation, they intend to give all profits back to the community. Way to go, gentlemen!