Over the Crescent Moon: Steampunk Party Food

A while back, I covered Fuel for the Boiler, a Steampunk cookbook put together by the Steampunk community over at Brass Goggles. It’s quite a treat as it has all sorts of recipes for creating Steampunk entries. It’s also free to download the electronic copy.

Fuel For the Boiler is designed not to be a “corny” presentation of Steampunk cuisine. It’s definitely more along the lines of what Steampunks could eat on a daily basis as and not die of malnutrition.

But for a child’s Steampunk party, it’s okay to get a little goofy with the presentation and go overboard with gear shaped junk food.

Like This

Crescent Moon, from the blog Over the Crescent Moon,has a post on a series of recipes that she created for her son’s Steampunk birthday party. From zeppelin candy to marshmallows transformed into top hat treats, this is great “cute” munchies for the younger Steampunk audience because it replicates many quintessentially Steampunk items like gears, airship, and top hats.

And since that was precisely what Fuel for the Boiler was trying not to do, you won’t find any of these sorts of recipes in the cookbook. Fuel for the Boiler is about discovering a Steampunk cuisine, not about trying to incorporate the look into the food.

But for those looking to replicate the Steampunk look for a child’s party or other casual Steampunk function, Crescent Moon’s recipes are an interesting reference tool.