Jane Austen does Fight Club

A few days ago, a trailer for a new version of Fight Club surfaced. It’s just… well, here it is.

AHH! It’s freaking awesome! Definitely Steam and Punk! Yay!

Jane Austen’s Fight Club was directed by Emily Janice Card & Keith Paugh, and written by Emily Janice Card. And really, I can’t seem to find out any more information about it. Why was it made? Who are these actresses and actors and how did they get talked into doing this? How come it is so freaking awesome? I want answers! I need to know! 😡

My attempts to find out if this is going to be expounded upon into anything more than the trailer have presently been unsuccessful, but I sincerely hope that the creators do a short film at the very least. The concept is just too brilliant not to flesh out.

I know I’d watch it.

4 comments on “Jane Austen does Fight Club

  1. Larry Amyett says:

    I love it!!!! This is great!

  2. Awesome! it should be a full length movie.

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