Time Lincoln Comic Book 1

I have one more book for you all to explore which I’m sure will be of interest.

There seems to be a lot of interest in the Steampunk community with Abraham Lincoln. I mean, how many of us have seen this iconic photo and nodded and smiling agreement:

Yeah, it is exactly like that.

And because it is exactly like that, there’s a new comic out which is sure to make Steampunks squee in delight: Time Lincoln, by Fred Perry.

I am not even joking on this, guys. This is for reals. Here’s the summary blurb for the comic book.

What happens when the Great Emancipator is suddenly freed from the bonds of time to right wrongs throughout history? Taken out of time on the night of his assassination with the help of H.G. Wells’s time machine, Abraham Lincoln finds himself waging war upon the forces of evil in the past, present and future! In his last hour, he lived a lifetime!

I’m suddenly and inexplicably intrigued by this concept. Reviews for the comic have been mixed, but the fact that this comic even exists is enough to make me do a gleeful happy dance. Lincoln and his team of Einstein, Newton, George Washington Carver and Benjamin Franklin teamed up to fight the evils of Joseph Stalin, Napoleon, Castro, and Hitler.

You can purchase Time Lincoln at Comic Megastore for 3.25 USD.

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  1. Larry Amyett says:

    I bought that at A-Kon and love it.

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