The Marionette Unit

A new film currently in production flew on to my radar today, and it looked so positively unique that I had to share it with you all right away.

It’s called the Marionette Unit, Directed by Azhur Saleem, produced by James Boyle and written by Paul B. Adams. Executive Producers are Abi Caruthers and Jett Dunlap.  It has an amazing concept sure to excite Steampunks. Here’s the summary of their film, straight from their website:

In a Victorian London where technology has progressed beyond man’s ability to control it, and the population willingly endures brutal surgery to connect themselves to the Marionette Unit, one man battles for their freedom.

Sounds intriguing, yes? Then watch the trailer.

The Marionette Unit it is currently in the very long process of production. According to their blog, the production team is currently working very hard to prepare a feature length script draft to pitch to the film scene in London and LA to find support and backing.

So, at the moment, The Marionette Unit is not certain to come to theaters. To show your support, consider joining their Facebook group or following their blog. I personally really hope this film happens… it sounds and looks so interesting!