The Steampunk Song

I found a charming song written by Endarkened93 of YouTube about lifestyle Steampunk. Just listening to it makes me smile, so I thought I’d share it all with you!

And here’s the lyrics!

You know you wanna wear a
Victorian era
vest and a cape
or a gown and tiara
with a green mohawk
and gloves that rock
a utility belt, goggles
and a pocket clock

Where the trains are ‘chuggin
There ain’t no plug-ins
You’d better watch out
or you might get stuck in
a dragon’s nest
or a temporal vortex

Yeah, I’m talkin’ ’bout steampunk
a mix between a period piece
and a sci-fi/fantasy
They only have steam, or so it seems
’cause they also have advanced machines

Yeah, I’m talkin’ ’bout protest
It’s more than a genre to me
It’s a whole lifestyle
can’t ya see
that I’m a steampunk
on and off the screen

I see a robot, a wizard
and a big, mean lizard
like the past met the future
but the present got scissored
I hate the way we live today
Yeah, I dream about tomorrow and yesterday

Oh, my heart is achin’
for the path not taken
I see a jetpack
and my knees start shakin’
Call it a pipedream
but I love pipes! And dreams!

Yeah, I’m talkin’ ’bout steampunk
It’s really retro, but at the same time
it’s also techno
H.G. Wells did it pretty well
Jules Verne was great as hell
Yeah, I’m talkin’ ’bout Star Wars
and Final Fantasy Six
I gotta find me a steampunk chick
so we can make the make-believe come true

(steamy, punkass solo)

So, if you’ve objections
to modern inventions
and long for a world
that went a different direction
then you should really be a steampunk, too
’cause steampunk makes the make-believe come true
I believe we’ll make the make-believe come true.

Seriously, this song made me giggle with glee, and it’s a great introduction to Steampunk. And before someone says that he can’t sing, I feel inclined to report his reply to just this criticism:

0BatGirl0 2 days ago  Eh, singing’s not your thing.

Endarkened93 2 days ago @0BatGirl0, Eh, hiring someone else to sing for me isn’t my thang, either.

Well said sir!