Aaron Adding Machines

My work involves a lot of number crunching, and when I’m manipulating large numbers, it’s best to keep a calculator on hand to ensure accuracy. This normally means pulling up the calculator on my computer to reach the results I need. Nothing particularly Steampunk about it, I’m afraid to say.

Ah, but Aaron over at Aaron Adding Machines is thankfully here to help with positively impressive and entirely functional Steampunk calculators:

Ooh, doing financial reports has suddenly become so much cooler. Here’s a brief description from the artist himself on his wondrous contraptions:

The assumption behind modern electronics is that smaller is better. So I have set about completely re-thinking and re-building the electronic calculator using old-fashioned heavyweight switches, cranks, and levers mounted in antique chassis.

I turn out only a few Aaron Adding Machines a year. Every Aaron Adding Machine works perfectly and each is unique. I strive to have my pieces look like they are functional, utilitarian, mass-produced devices plucked from some imaginary office of another era. Perhaps the 19th century, perhaps a time that never existed.

All inquires into the purchase of one of Aaron’s magnificent machines must go through email, which can be found on his website.

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  1. Larry Amyett says:

    Beautiful. I noticed no price listed at the site though.

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