Sherlock Holmes Comes to Dallas

Sherlock Holmes in The Crucifer of Blood is a new adaption of a 1978 Broadway play featuring the famous sleuth that is currently playing here in Dallas at Theatre Three. So while it’s not a Steampunk script, it is at least produced in the Steampunk aesthetic. The play, directed by Paul Giovanni, has been garnering positive reviews from critics and theater goers alike.

Here’s a summary from the Theatre Three website of the performance:

The first show of the Theatre Three season is a grand spectacle of the bloody curse; a curse sprung from nefarious thievery that takes us from India’s Red Fort, into an opium den in London’s Limehouse district, across a dark and foggy Thames and, of course, into the fabled Baker Street detective’s study and even into the cunning mind of Sherlock Holmes himself. Holmes’ powers of deduction and his uncanny ability to comprehend the criminal mind yield unsurpassed theatrical thrills.

The Steampunk Illumination Society has tentatively planned to attend a performance of Sherlock Holmes on September 4th for the matinee at 2:30. If you’ve been curious to meet us, this is a great opportunity to do so!

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  1. Larry Amyett says:

    This sounds so cool.

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