Steampunk Spider

Just a quick post today of a very cool automaton I found on YouTube:

This is the creation of Impsandthings, a ceramicist turned mixed-media Steampunk artist from the United Kingdom. He has a large and rather impressive gallery of works that can be viewed at Misi or DeviantArt.

He had this to say about his work in April:

My current work is inspired by Steam Punk, it’s such a rich source of imagery and seems really popular at present. I am amazed at the clever ways people are ‘moding’ objects to create that Victorian feel. For my own work I like the colours and materials of brass and leather.

I’m really very impressed with his work, and I hope to see a lot more out of him in the future!

One comment on “Steampunk Spider

  1. Larry Amyett says:

    The stuff of an arachnophobe’s nightmare. But an amazing piece of engineering.

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