Abney Park Concerts!

Lots of exciting news out of Abney Park lately. I think it’s only fair to state upfront that this post is likely to make you want to move to the West Coast like RIGHT NOW.

Our favorite crew of airship pirates is at it again, with a flurry of activity leading up to their performance at SteamCon in November.

This Weekend in Vancouver BC!

September 25th in Portland OR!

October 8th in San Francisco

October 9 in Los Angeles CA

There are  so many opportunities for all you on the west coast! *jealous* There’s nothing quite like seeing these guys live, so for all my west coast readers, do consider trying to make it out to one of these performances.

You’ll also be happy to know that Abney Park is hard at work on their latest album, which Captain Robert has recently announced will be out sometime in November. I’m willing to bet they put it out before SteamCon in later November.