Steampunk Empire

I am generally awful at the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Brass Goggles, blogging… it’s a lot to keep up with for one Steampunk gentlewoman with a social life and a full time job and no smart phone (I get the impression that I’m the only person left on the face of the planet without one of these…). Despite this, there is yet another online community that has captured my attention, and I think it is worthy of yours as well.

The Steampunk Empire is a Ning powered Steampunk social network that I’m currently in love with. It offers so much more than just the forums of Brass Goggles. Groups! Chat! Photos! Events! Blogs Galore! It’s all here on the Steampunk Empire and (in my opinion) in a much more navigable format than Brass Goggles.

It’s a nice supplement to Facebook, and especially since I try to only use my Facebook for Steampunk related activities. This succeeds to varying levels. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell solely by a profile picture if someone is indeed a Steampunk. On the Steampunk Empire, though, there’s no need to fret… it’s designed to be for Steampunks and only Steampunks! Yay! Steampunks everywhere! 😀

The Steampunk Empire is free to join and enjoy. So what are you waiting for?