Sherlock Holmes Documentary

It’s Friday, hooray! To celebrate the end of the work week, I’ve an interesting documentary of the history behind the creation of Sherlock Holmes.

This documentary focuses on Doctor Joseph Bell, the real-life inspiration for the world’s greatest detective. Doctor Bell was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s professor at the University of Edinburgh and a pioneer in Forensics.

It’s a  very well done documentary, and just long enough to entertain and inform without excessive droning. And it’s by the Discovery Channel, which is like one of only two channels I ever watch on the freak occasion that I am watching television.

For those of you who are interested in exploring the writings of the man that inspired Sherlock Holmes and the beginnings of forensic science, please consider partaking in Doctor Bell’s A Manual of the Operations of Surgery, free to view from Google Books. It’s not the most exciting read, but I know many a history buff who would think this this book is squee-worthy.