Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum Sign Book Deal

There’s a very exciting announcement that came out recently from the creators of ModVic and SteamPuffin, Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum. They were signed to a book deal! Yay for them! 🙂 The working title is – Steampunk Art, Fashion & Design: Functional to Fantastical Innovations, Inventions, Gadgetry, Dress, Jewelry & Home Design for the Modern Victorian.

The book is going to be about “the psychology of Steampunk (why people think it’s cool and why it attracts the DIY crowd) and how Steampunk Design is evolving into a design/aesthetic solution for people wanting to ‘infuse’ modern technology into quality period homes and objects.”

They will also will be profiling Steampunk artists and their work. If you have any ideas for the book or would like to submit your work as exemplary Steampunk Art, Fashion and Design — please call 781-784-0250 or email Bruce Rosenmaum at bruce [@]

So to all my artistic readers, I’m must personally encourage you to submit your work to this compilation. Bruce and Melanie Rosenbaum have made quite a name for themselves as Steampunk makers, and I would love to see your name next to theirs as they discuss the pinnacle of Steampunk. So, be bold, and submit your very best!

The book is set to be released in the Summer/Fall of 2012.

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    This sounds great!

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