Papercraft Robot Skull

Skull-A-Day was a project started by Noah Scalin on June 4th 2007. On that day with the initial crafting of an orange paper skull, Noah determined to make an original skull for every day of the year. It’s really impressive to see all of the different skulls that are created by what Noah has on hand at the moment. In October 2008 a book based on the Skull-A-Day, SKULLS was published by Lark Books and featured150 images from the first half of the project’s first year.

Skull-A-Day has now completed two years of skull crafting, which you can view on their website.

Recently, a semi-Steampunk papercraft skull was created and posted to the blog:

It’s very neat on its own, but it is even cooler when the PDF of this skull is available free of charge here. So print out a copy and break out those scissors and glue! This would be great decoration for a desk, especially with Halloween not that far off.

If you are in love with Skull-A-Day, you should mark your calendars for June 4, 2011, for the first official international Skull Appreciation Day.