A History of Steampunk, by Cory Gross

Steampunk’s history has been hard to nail down. As a subculture created and sustained primarily over the internet, it’s hard to pin down names and dates that Historiography demands in compiling “A History of Steampunk.”

Cory Gross undertook this monumental task some years ago, though all record of his essay have long since vanished. Until now.

The Steampunk Scholar has been granted permission to repost this impressive article. It was originally posted at Cory’s site, Voyages Extraordinaires, and in a different form in Steampunk Magazine #2. Here’s how it made it to Steampunk Scholar, according to their website.

In wanting to establish some distance from the Steampunk scene, Cory removed the posts from his blog, which meant that there was no longer a searchable, hypertext version of the document. I know many folks who come by Steampunk Scholar considered Cory’s History to be definitive in many ways, and in doing a quick google search for History of Steampunk, saw that what was left to web browsers was mostly garbage. I asked Cory if I could post his history here, and he was cool with that. So, for your perusal, the most excellent History of Steampunk by the master of Extraordinary Voyages, followed by a commentary on what Steampunk has evolved into, by fellow Canadian Cory Gross.

To read this impressive article, click here and settle in for a long but informative read.

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