The End of Days

It’s almost here! Abney Park’s latest album, The End of Days, is set to go on sale on October 15th at midnight, Seattle time. The first 200 copies of the album that are sold will be signed and numbered by the band, and then shipped out that Monday for your audio enjoyment.

The album is made up of 13 tracks. Here’s the list:
The End Of Days
The Wrath Of Fate
I’ve Been Wrong Before
Fight Or Flight
Victorian Vigilante
Letters Between a Little Boy & Himself As An Adult
Beautiful Decline
Off The Grid
To The Apocalypse In Daddies Sidecar
Space Cowboy

The lineup for this album is positively impressive. Along with the amazing talents of the Abney Park band, there are guest artists galore, from Richard Lopez on Trombone and Alto Flute, Carey Rayburn on Vintage Muted Trumpet, and Erica Mulkey (better known as Unwoman) on Cello.

Though I’m still positively in love with Aether Shanties, I’m very excited to hear the new goodness that is sure to be The End of Days. So… who’s staying up late with me on the 15th to snag a copy of this album?