Talk Like a Pirate Day is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays of all time! Tomorrow is Talk Like a Pirate Day and today we need to prepare for tomorrow’s celebration. Even airship pirates should partake in this most important of pirate holidays.

First, the most crucial part of Talk Like a Pirate Day is actually talking like a pirate. For those of you who are not familiar with pirate lexicon, I’ve a helpful a crash course video to help you brush up on piratical linguistics.

In addition to talking like a pirate, you can also choose to dress like a pirate. For airship pirates, tomorrow is the perfect day to pull out your airship pirate wardrobe and wear it proudly. I remember celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day when I was in college, dressed in my fully pirate garb and giving full answers to my professor’s questions on course material in Pirate.

What was best about talking and dressing like a pirate on Talk Like a Pirate Day was the unsuspecting hordes that didn’t realize it was a day for celebration until they saw me approaching dressed in full pirate gear, shouting at campus tours in pirate, and toting the jolly roger on a flag staff.

So have a happy Talk Like a Pirate Day. May your sails be full, your fires high, and the adventures tomorrow be ones to remember! Yo ho ho!