Interview with Great Steampunk Debate Moderators

Recently, the Airship Ambassador did a two part interview with the Moderators of the Great Steampunk Debate, an unprecedented effort to get Steampunks talking about the meaning of Steampunk. to my knowledge, it was the first real collective effort to have a global discussion about what Steampunk really IS.

You can read Part One here, Part Two here, and Part Three here.  These interviews are long, but quite informative on how the moderators saw their roles, their initial expectations for the Great Steampunk Debate, and how it all played out in the end.

I found the interviews really interesting, especially because I know very little about moderating forums and spend very little time foruming. It gave a lot of insight on how something like a forum is controlled, especially a forum where there are set goals for the discussion.

I hope you all find these interviews as interesting as I did.