The Dresden Dolls are Coming to Dallas

There’s an exciting event for all you Steampunks remaining in the DFW area for the weekend of SteamCon. My airship, Airship La Marianne, is arranging for a Steampunk outing to go see the Dresden Dolls perform at the Granada Theater on November 19th, 2010. While I won’t be in attendance as I’ll be away on the west coast carousing with Steampunks from around the world, my Quartermaster and Boatswain will be there.

The Dresden Dolls describe themselves as “Brechtian punk cabaret” after Bertolt Brecht, and are a leading force in the Dark Cabaret scene. Here’s the announcement for their Reunion Tour:

The Dresden Dolls have been on hiatus since 2008, so it’s very exciting to see them getting back together, and even more thrilling that they decided they would drop by Dallas for a performance. To purchase tickets to the event, visit the Granada’s website. If you’d like to be put in contact with my Quartermaster so you too can attend this event in your Steampunk finery, just leave me a message below and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

One comment on “The Dresden Dolls are Coming to Dallas

  1. Larry says:

    Whoohoo! We already got our tickets! This is a limited tour and I can’t believe we’re lucky enough to have them come to Dallas.

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