Steampunk: Nature

In a recent contest on the website Worth 1000, a website for images and photographs, there was an impressive showing for Steampunk Nature. It was a contest wherein artists submitted their versions of Steampunked animals, and I must admit some of the results from the contests are positively stunning.

JumboTron By ChrisEll

This is my favorite one! It does a great job of capturing the steam-driven aspect of our technology. The elephant too is an excellent subject as it recalls the Victorian era exploration of Africa.

The winning entry of a unicorn was interesting, but I think its more Diesel than Steampunk. There’s 15 different works of art for your viewing pleasure, so head down to Worth 1000 and check out the Steampunk: Nature series. When you’re done, check out their other Steampunk categories for some very impressive Steampunk visual art.

One comment on “Steampunk: Nature

  1. Larry says:

    Amazing art. And the way things are going probably the only way future generations will be able to see wildlife.

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