Steampunk Tales 8

The Eighth edition of Steampunk Tales, the “Penny Dreadful for your iPhone” is out now.This digital Steampunk literary magazine features the works of eight different authors:

  1. An Unfortunate Engagement, Part 8 by G. D. Falksen
  2. The Trials of Professor Sinister; Extracts from the Traveling Diary of Matalaine Morningside, Part 3 by Larry Kay
  3. Unbelieving Jaxx, Part 3 by John F. Montagne
  4. Some Unforeseen Event, prologue & chapter 1 by Cindy MacLeod
  5. Tales from a Millwall Tattoo Parlour, part 1 by Austin Williams
  6. The Watchmaker’s Apprentice, Part 1 by Justin Porter
  7. Double-Crossed at Gray Raven Mill by Nick Valentino
  8. The Isabella by Nik Ziomek

Steampunk Tales 8 is avaliable in a number of digital download formats including iPhone/iPod touch, MobiReader eBook (.PRC), and an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) DRM-free digital download. A single download in any of its forms is just $1.99 USD.