Steampunk Racer

A new addition to the impressive collection of Steampunked bicycles made its debut last month in Holland for charity.

This penny farthing tricycle won best technical construction for it masterful execution and Steampunk style. It seats three people, one at the top and two on either side at the bottom. You can read lots more about it at Walyou.

I think penny farthings are basically the coolest bicycles ever. If you do too, you’ll be happy to know that Mars on Instructables is the the process of creating a penny farthing on his own and his posting pictures and instructions as he goes along. See it all here. If you are less technically inclined but still must have one of these contraptions, there are many places that still sell antique bicycles, tricycles, penny farthings, and boneshakers including Rideable Bicycle Replicas.

One comment on “Steampunk Racer

  1. Larry says:

    Penny farthings are fantastic, indeed. But I see a trip to the ER in the future of whoever tries to ride that one. 🙂

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