Steamcon Updates

There’s  a little it over a month left before the start of Steamcon II, Weird Weird West, but there are some deadlines that are rapidly approaching for anyone who is still entertaining the idea of attending this event.

You can still buy your registration, and ticket prices as listed will remain as such until November 7th. Make sure you buy ahead of time, however, because last year they sold out entirely, and it would be terrible to find yourself in a similar situation this year.

Event tickets are now on sale for those who have bough their registration to the convention. This includes events such as the Abney Park concert, the fashion show and tea party, and a seat at the first annual Airship Awards.

Hotel Rooms blocks are all booked at the Marriott, but there’s still space at the Hilton to reserve a room for the event. And don’t worry, even though Steamcon was originally held at the Marriott, the Hilton will still have cool people staying there, myself included! The Hilton will host panels, the art exhibition, the concert and much more. The low convention rate will only be available through October 29th, so act now.

Though a complete schedule of events has not been entirely hammered out, Diana Vick has posted a rough outline to the Steamcon forums which I found helpful in planning my various ensembles for the weekend. She said:

Unfortunately, it takes a very long time to hammer out all the details of a conventions schedule. We won’t be able to put that up until just a week or two before the con. I can tell you a few things, but even they may change. The con starts Friday at noon. There will be plenty of things going on from then until Sunday around 4:00 when we officially stop. The art show, vendors room, panels, games and many more things will be going Friday-Sunday. On Friday night there will be a Riverboat Gambler Night, a banquet and a dance along with other things. On Saturday night there will be a cotillion, a concert and lots of other things. I hope that helps you to some degree.

There’s also been talk of a Landing party on Thursday and a wake on Sunday evening for people (like me!) who intend to come early and leave late.