In my work in the nonprofit, I have a lot of different tasks including requesting donations for our work. It’s hard to ask people for donations, even for a cause you believe in.

Fortunately, Chris Eckert has created a helpful little Steampunk robot to make donations requests. His name is Gimme, and he’s adorably creepy.

Mr. Eckert was inspired to create Gimme after he was asked to solicit contributions for the San Jose  Institute of Contemporary Art’s capital campaign. Finding himself on the side of the asker, and all the difficulties of asking for donations from family and friends, Chris created Gimme to ease the awkwardness of asking for those necessary donations.

Here’s a quick video of some photos and a video clip of Gimme’s operations.

Makers will be very excited to see Chris has made extensive posts to his blog about creating Gimme so if you are seeking some creative inspiration, you may find these posts enlightening and inspiring.

Gimme will be part of the Annual Fall Auction for the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art on October 23rd. They are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year. Be sure to check it out.

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  1. Larry says:

    Gimme is the right word. As in gimme one of these puppies! 🙂

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