The Warrior’s Way

Recently, a new film has surfaced which many people in the Steampunk community are heralding as an excellent example of Steampunk film. It’s called The Warrior’s Way, directed by Sngmoo Lee and starring Geoffrey Rush and Dong-gun Jang.

Personally, I’m not sold on this as Steampunk film by the trailer alone. Just because it’s set in the Weird West doesn’t necessarily mean its Steampunk.

For me, there has to be a element of the impossible for it to be a true Steampunk film. The Warrior’s Way isn’t Steampunk in the same way that Moulin Rouge! is not a Steampunk film. Technically, it could have happened. There technically could have been a courtesan who fell in love with a writer and an evil duke stood in the way in their love. Just ask their could have easily been an assassin who refused a mission and had to flee his nation to escape the wrath of his master.

Steampunk film has to have impossible tech to it to be a proper Steampunk work. It doesn’t have to have airships per say, but in my opinion it does have to have an heavy element of impossible tech. And I don’t really see that in The Warrior’s Way.

It remains to be seen if I am right or wrong. It’s scheduled to be released on the 3rd of December, 2010.

3 comments on “The Warrior’s Way

  1. Larry says:

    Your thoughts are interesting in that they do get back to what is and is not steampunk?

  2. Ink says:

    Even if it may not qualify as ‘true steampunk’, it still looks like a darn good movie. 😀

  3. Daniel says:

    Well, I saw some sort of automatic rifle. That would be Steampunk considering the era. That said, there is a lot of strange culture clashing hypothetical fantasy, if it isn’t strictly Steampunk, I’d say it isn’t only on technicality and not due to lack of spirit.

    That said, I’m interested to see if it is actually any good. It looks fun. Geoffery Rush is alway great. I guess we’ll see.

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