A Wild Wild West Remake (Again)

Wild Wild West was once a television series that originally aired in the 1960’s and featured some considerable Steampunk tech. My mother recalls watching the episodes as a teenager and insists that Wild Wild West was in its original form an excellent series.

My first exposure to Wild Wild West, however, was the 1999 film remake of the series. I can’t remember much about the film because, well 1999 was a long time ago, but I do remember this: it was awful and stupid. Here’s the trailer if you need a refresher:

Ugh, just watching it makes me feel like my eyes are going to bleed. Sure, it’s Steampunk, but it’s just so stupid. It’s a horrible example of Steampunk because it’s just so inane. People who are familiar with the Wild Wild West film think I’m crazy that I’m into Steampunk. They look at me as if to ask, “Seriously? You’re into that? And there’s a whole lifestyle built around it?”

And then I have to explain that yes, but Steampunk made by Steampunks is so much interesting and intelligent and the Wild Wild West film can’t hold a candle to how cool we actually are. But usually, they just reply with this expression: O_o

There is a chance, however, that our days of lamenting the Wild Wild West film are soon to end. Ron Moore, the re-creator of such classic television series such as Battlestar Galactica. It’s only in the rumor phases, but enough time has passed since the movie that only the Steampunk community itself still reels at the mention of the film.

Maybe, just maybe, we can get a remake worthy of both my (and my mother’s!) attention.

You can read more about the rumors on Geeks are Sexy.

4 comments on “A Wild Wild West Remake (Again)

  1. Larry says:

    Now, if Ronald Moore makes it I can almost guarantee that it’ll be great. I hope this happens.

  2. Nathaniel Johnstone says:

    Your mother was right: the original series was great. And this new remake CAN’T POSSIBLY be worse than the dreck that was inflicted upon us in 1999.


  3. Reader says:

    So why can’t steampunk be inane sometimes? This trailer looks like the type of movie that falls under the ‘so bad it’s good/hilarious’ parody category, as do many. There are parodies of almost every genre, why not steampunk?
    A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the wisest men. (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

    • aeflint says:

      The fact that Wild Wild West is the film that most people can classify as Steampunk is rather troublesome. It came out during a time before Steampunk as we know it today was gaining any sort of momentum.

      I don’t have a problem with parody, but the 1999 version of Wild Wild West was not an active attempt at parody. One cannot simply make a bad movie and then claim it to be parody in retrospect.

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