The End of Days is Out

Last night at 2 AM Dallas time, midnight in Seattle, Abney Park released The End of Days. The online release party was an online chat with the band and their various enthusiastic fans as we listened to a radio broadcast. If you didn’t attend the pre-release chat, you missed out on quite an experience. There were so many people in the chat that I often had to focus on just a few usernames at a time just to make sense of the conversations going on. Among the topics discussed were:

  • Sex
  • Alcohol
  • Pizza
  • MMOs and D&D
  • Seattle and SteamCon
  • The perpetual buffering of the radio station

The last topic always caused quite a stir among chat attendees, sending waves of text flying up my screen protesting the abrupt end of songs. Apparently, there were too many Abney Park fans listening in, so we broke the radio a few times!

At last, 2 AM rolled around, and I’m pretty sure that EVERYONE on the internet decided they had to buy the Abney Park RIGHT NAO. And, well, we broke the site. There was much qq-ing and gnashing of teeth, but a few hours later, the site was back up and sales for the new album was underway.

I’m very happy to report that I was able to snag one of the first 200 albums! Yay!

From what material was able to hear on the radio last night, this is sure to be an outstanding addition to the Abney Park repertoire. I can’t wait to hear this live at Steamcon!

Be sure to look for a review of The End of Days later this month after I’ve received it and had a moment to appreciate it before I start picking it apart for a review.

And, if for some strange reason, you still haven’t seen this, here’s the video of their title song, The End of Days.

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  1. Larry Amyett says:

    The first three topics sounds interesting. Shame I missed it. 🙂

    I can’t wait until our copy arrives!!!!

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