A Sepiachord Passport Review

Veronique Chevalier, Mr. Jordan Bodewell, and the people at Projekt Records were kind enough to send me a copy of the recently released A Sepiachord Passport. The album is a compilation of contemporary artists who use pre-modern musical techniques and traditions to create entirely new music.

A Sepiachord Passport is aptly named. Listening to it feels like an adventure through the Steampunk genre. It succeeds in presenting the many facets of Steampunk music in a highly entertaining and engaging manner. It is an anthology of retro-futuristic music that explores the furthest reaches of what Steampunk music could be. From bubbly and optimistic to dark and punky, A Sepiachord Passport is an all-inclusive auditory escapade through the Steampunk genre.

I especially appreciate A Sepiachord Passport’s success in exposing me to some Steampunk and retro-futuristic bands I’ve never heard of previously. Because Steampunk doesn’t have uniform sound, online radio stations like Pandora don’t necessarily help me in discovering new Steampunk music. A Sepiachord Passport succeeds where Pandora fails. And although there is a wide spectrum of sounds, textures, and lyrical images, the composition of the Passport is one that flows smoothly and enjoyably.
Some of my favorite tracks on the Passport included Charlie by the Men Who Will Not Be Blamed for Nothing, Scarlet Carpet Interstate Part One by Nathaniel Johnstone and the Brazilian Surf Mafia, and The Dance Master by Veronique Chevalier.

A Sepiachord Passport comes enthusiastically recommended to Steampunks and other retro-futurists interested in further exploring the vast talent of the artists featured. You can buy it from Projekt Record’s website here where it is currently on sale for 9.98 USD.

4 comments on “A Sepiachord Passport Review

  1. Nathaniel Johnstone says:

    Lovely review, thanks!

    I’ve been a huge fan of Sepiachord for years. They are one of the very music blogs that consistently gets it right.

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