Mini Steampunk Lamps

The Instructables community has done it again! In a seemingly endless stream of Steampunk inspired projects, we have a new lesson on creating Mini Steampunk Lamps. This is an excellent project if you are wishing to add a bit more of a Steampunk flair into your home, but don’t have a budget for a full make over.

I’m not a fan of the excessive advertising that has found its way into Instructables (seriously, though, those put ups from the bottom of the screen that I get on occasion are hella annoying) but fortunately all of the information you will need to make your new lamp is there for the taking.

To get this project rolling, you will need:

  • Various small copper pieces
  • small LED
  • small coated wire
  • A small lamp shade
  • hot glue
  • tissue paper

For the full instructions for creating your lamp, please click here. Don’t forget that with a little creativity and modifications, you can make larger scale lamps as well.

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  1. Larry says:

    DIY is so cool.

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