That’s Magic

Tuesday’s blog post about the recreation of the Tin Man’s suit from Heartless reminded me of the film company that produced it, Whitestone Motion Pictures. It turns out they create a lot of short films with a Steampunk flair to it.

Today, I’ve got another Whitestone release for your viewing pleasure. This time, it’s a short film called “That’s Magic.” That’s Magic is the story of a magician who comes face to face with his own self doubt about magic in the world.  It’s probably what would happen if Moulin Rouge! and The Prestige had a celluloid offspring.

You can read more about That’s Magic on the Whitestone site. You can also download the film’s soundtrack free of charge and watch a behind the scenes clip on the making of That’s Magic.

I really love the work that Whitestone Motion Pictures does. They do an excellent job of not only capturing a beautiful Steampunk aesthetic, but also a beautiful story.

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