The Great Steampunk Timeline

A recent article by Stephen Hunt has grabbed my attention and sent waves of glee through the historian in me. It’s called The Great Steampunk Timeline, and it’s nothing short of impressive. Hunt’s article takes a historical and cultural approach to the formations of Steampunk and placed it into one beautifully executed timeline of Steampunk historical goodness.

The timeline starts with the proto-punks, those authors like Jules Verne and H.G. Wells from whom we draw so much of our inspiration. And then, from there, he explains Steampunk as a reactionary force responding to all those promises about the potential of the twenty-first century. Instead, his decade of introduction into the new millennium has been a huge disappointment, war, terrorism, pandemics, the collapse of our economy. Our shining optimism about the continuing improvement of our future, that the world would be better for our children than it was for ourselves, was suddenly and violently thrown into question.

And this is why, Stephen Hunt argues, is precisely why we Steampunks are who we are, and do what we do.  We’re reacting to our current world to make something better, something that has never entirely existed before, and alters our reality into a much more pleasant world.

To read the entire article and to view the impressive timeline, please click here. And a big thank you to Stephen Hunt for offering a bit more insight into the subculture I love.

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