Airship La Marianne

One of the most surprising things about A-Kon back in June was the lack of locally based airships to lead the discussions of Steampunk. Because I was still relatively new to the Dallas area, I assumed I had encountered difficulty finding local Steampunk because it was simply well-hidden. One of my biggest hopes from A-Kon was that I would finally find those Dallas airships that had so eluded me.

And while I was destined to discover that Steampunk in Dallas was as disorganized as I had feared it to be, I did meet many local Steampunks who were all interested in uniting our common interest in retro-futurism so that the Steampunk scene here in Dallas could be worthy of a large metropolitan area.

In ensuing meetings of the DFW Steampunk community, airships were formed: one specializing in cosplay, another in the performing arts, another particularly interested in the Sci-fi aspect of Steampunk. But none of them really suited me. None of them sufficiently addressed Steampunk as I saw it: as a politically charged lifestyle.

Fortunately, I wasn’t the only one in the DFW area who saw Steampunk as such, and so the three of us decided to form our own airship, Airship La Marianne.

Named after the figurehead of the French Revolution and the personification of Liberty and Reason, Airship La Marianne was founded on the same ideas that created Marianne herself: the Enlightenment. It was this school of thought that first suggested that power was granted through the people, rather than the divine. It’s these thoughts that became the seeds of modern punk, and the inspiration for our airship.

For more information on Airship La Marianne, and to read our bylaws or see photos from previous events. please visit our blog. We’d love to hear from other lifestylers, airship affiliated or not who are interested in discussing Steampunk as more than cosplay.

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  1. Larry says:

    I’m honored to be a member of crew, Audelia.

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