Riese: Kingdom Falling

Riese was once a Steampunk inspired web series that was hosted through its own website. Long ago, when this blog was just a young thing, I ran into the Riese website, which had literally announced the removal of the Riese their website a few days previous. Naturally, having little material to cover as a result, I held off on posting the Riese story in hopes that it would resurface again one day.

And resurfaced it has. Riese: Kingdom Falling has reappeared on the SyFy website. It remains to be seen how much steam will remain in Riese if this is is new material, or if this will just be a reposting of the old films. Nevertheless, the original material did catch the attention of the Steampunk community, so I hope it stays true to its inspiration.

The first of the webisodes is online tonight. It is scheduled to update every Tuesday and Thursday. You can see the episodes here.