Marinemine- The Mine Furniture

I’m always hunting for interesting pieces for those Steampunks out there who love the culture so much that they want to furnish their homes entirely with the Steampunk aesthetic. Finding the perfect blend of Victoriana and post-apocalyptic industrial beauty is something of a challenge. Thankfully, our look doesn’t come prepackaged from Rooms to Go, so its up to individual Steampunk artists to create furniture and decor that would suit the Steampunk home.

Mati Karmin is one of Estonia’s best sculptors and is crafting positively incredible pieces that are sure to please any Steampunk created from the hollowed out containers of old Soviet deep-see mines between the 1940’s and 50s. So, while the time period of the material places this is the Dieselpunk area, the look of these creations could easily fit into a Steampunk setting.

That’s a fireplace that’s sure to bring a touch of the apocalypse a la Victoriana to any living room.

And here’s an aquarium and a patio swing. It’s truly incredible what Mr. Karmin has been able to do with the remains of weapons of war. He’s recycled them into something peaceful and beautiful, and totally fitting for a Steampunk home!

To see more of Mr. Karmin’s incredible work, please visit his website and take a look at the full line of mine furniture.