Steampunk and Victorian Food

With the holidays soon upon us, that means it is time for food. And not just any food. We’re talking grandiose Thanksgiving dinners that served for ten that could easily serve 50.

Yes, November and December is a time of gluttony, and if you’re going to be doing all that cooking anyway, you might as well make it Steampunk, right? Right.

Fortunately, horizonchaser over at LiveJournal has gone through a monumental undertaking to guide you through the process of Steampunking your holiday culinary experience. Her impressive article entitled Steampunk and Victorian Food is chock full of period recipes and tips for creating that perfect holiday meal. Some of them are a little stranger than others, so I’ll leave it to your culinary discretion to pick out those that are the tastiest and least likely to freak out your guests.

As an important asside, since we are talking about food, it’s important to mention manners. Remember that your guests may have certain dietary restrictions which may complicate their desire the fully partake in the festivities. Be sure to give everyone lots of options. Everyone loves food, but no one likes being surrounded by food and having nothing to eat. So be a good host and consider your guests!