Off to Seattle, Onward to SteamCon!

My dears, the time has come! Tomorrow I’m headed off to Seattle for a well deserved vacation before arriving at SteamCon next weekend. I’m so very excited. It’s like this year’s A-Kon when I was literally vibrating with glee, only like ten times more exciting because it’s Seattle, and SteamCon, and Abney Park all rolled into one epic Steam driven vacation.

I think I might die from all this excitement to be perfectly honest.

So, for the time I’ll be away, I’ll be completely without my laptop. I may have occasional access to the internet via the computer labs where I’ll be residing, but I won’t be by my computer with the same regularity as when I’m not busy adventuring.

So, what does this mean for Trial By Steam and your daily dose of Steampunk goodness? Not much. I’ve worked very hard to schedule enough posts that you will still be able to enjoy the same daily Steampunk update. They only real change you may, or may not, notice is that comments are not going to be approved as quickly. So, if you’re a first time commenter in the next two weeks, be patient. I love your comments, but if you have never commented on my blog before, I’ll need to approve them before they go live.

That’s it! Enjoy the posts while I’m away, and hopefully I’ll be seeing some of you lovely people at SteamCon this time next week!

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