Watchmaker’s Son

Somewhere between a tock and a tick,
When a boy became a man in a day.
The Watchmaker learned that his father was sick,
Years after inheriting his trade.

Whitestone Motion Pictures is one of my favorite film companies. Based in Atlanta, Whitestone excels at capturing much of the Steampunk aesthetic in their productions in a beautiful and subtle way. I’ve covered other productions of theirs including Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man and That’s Magic. If you haven’t seen those films, do check them out. They’re both really well done. I especially love Heartless, and that’s saying something for how many times I had to watch the Wizard of Oz growing up. (It was my little sister’s favorite.)

Tonight’s short film features another of Whitestone’s outstanding work. This one is called Watchmaker’s Son, the story of a young man’s efforts to win his father’s affection through the mastery of the watch making trade he learned from his father. It’s a story to which many of us can likely relate. And the watch making goggles are epic, so watch it for that, if nothing else.

You can download the iPod version of this film, along with the soundtrack, from Whitestone’s website here. Both are free, so do download and enjoy. If you love their work and would like to tell them so, you can easily shoot them a message through their Contact Us section. I’m sure they’d enjoy hearing from you.